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Mennonites embrace Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount.”Here are few excerpts from article, it is interesting read.
TheMennonite Church USA has abandoned its spiritual underpinnings andjumped from its religious exemption into the realm of political and racial bias.
Amongthe little-known Mennonites are some of the finest people on the planet, considered “salt of the earth” precisely because theyfaithfully embrace Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount,” admonishing,“You are the salt of the earth.” Mennonites are, in fact, a wingof the of the Anabaptist movement that eschews baptism at birth infavor of free-will, adult, belief-based baptism. 

Sixteenth centuryDutch Catholic priest Menno Simons and his followers broke away fromthe Catholic Church, joined the Anabaptists, and adopted the sevenprinciples enunciated in the Sermon on the Mount. These include adultbaptism, a credo against swearing oaths, and turn-the-other-check Christian pacifism. So fervent is the Mennonite ethos ofnon-confrontation that members not only refuse military service, butthey shun lawsuits and most types of confrontational behavior. What’smore, since, the essence of government is the enforcement of law,many Mennonites have shied away from being involved in governmentaltogether, historically harboring a quasi-anarchism that sometimesexpresses itself in tax resistance, civil disobedience, communalseparateness, and classic conscientious objection in times of war.
Fortheir beliefs, Anabaptist Mennonites have been beheaded, burned atthe stake, and suffered repeated group expulsion or been forced toflee. Mennonites and other Anabaptists have traditionally lived inclosely-knit and identifiable communities and commonly marry withinthe group, passing on recognizable family names. As a result ofcenturies of persecution and surviving cohesion, they are consideredan ethno-religious group akin to the Jews. 
 Itis a comic comparison that one branch of the Anabaptists, thebuggy-driving Amish of Pennsylvania fame, dress like East EuropeanHasidism and many even speak a Low German dialect known asPlautdietsch, which resembles Yiddish. Some will remember the filmThe Frisco Kid where a Polish Hasidic Jew, played by Gene Wilder,encountered Pennsylvania Amish farmers; they looked and spoke alike,and for a while, believed they were “lansmen.”
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