[Swiftwater Gazette] Efforts to impeach President Trump

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Tue Apr 18 05:36:09 EDT 2017

Efforts to impeachPresident TrumpBy Daniel Greenfield  https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/266427/can-maxine-waters-even-spell-impeachment-daniel-greenfield  “Asked thecongresswoman whether she believes Putin and Assad were colluding to help takethe heat off of Trump from the investigations into his ties with Russia. Shebelieves that Putin and Trump are “tied at the hip;” the tension is a charade;and that the end-game is getting the oil sanctions lifted for drilling in theArctic.  “It's all aconspiracy.  “Maxine Waters keepsinsisting that she'll lead efforts to impeach President Trump even as she makesit clear that she has no idea how impeachment works.  

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