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Sept2016 Russian Trolls and Putin's Residences
“Anew U.S. intelligence report says the Russian government isconducting a wide-ranging and “opportunistic” campaign to expandits political influence in Europe by deploying Internet “trolls andother cyber actors” to challenge pro-Western journalists and spreadpro-Kremlin messages in social media forums. 
“Thedecision to declassify brief excerpts from the first report coincideswith recent disclosures about suspected Russian cyberattacks on theDemocratic National Committee and other political groups. Many in theU.S. intelligence community believe that indicates Russia hasexpanded its cyberwar and disinformation efforts to the UnitedStates. “This is the 21st century version of ‘active measures,’”said Heather Conley, director of the Russia program at the Center forStrategic and International Studies (CSIS), a reference to the ColdWar term for the Soviet Union’s efforts to manipulate Westernopinion by spreading false information, such as the claim that U.S.scientists had manufactured the AIDS virus as part of a biologicalweapons project at Fort Detrick, Md.
“Conleyadded that the use of “information warfare” techniques to pursuepolitical goals has now been incorporated into official Russianmilitary doctrine. The goal, she said, is not “the annihilation”of the country’s enemies, but to “weaken them from within” by“keeping everybody off balance” and “sowing doubt” abouttheir political leaders and institutions. ------------ // ------------
Nowsee how Valdimar Putin lives
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