[Swiftwater Gazette] Understanding a danger in world today - EMP

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Sun Sep 25 07:43:17 EDT 2016

Whatcan your everyday civilian do to protect themselves 
against thepossibility of an EMP attack?http://www.secretsofsurvival.com/survival/emp_attack.html
1.Have a lot of battery operated devices on hand and the batteries 
touse them. Further, these appliances should have cords and 
antennas 30inches or less in length. The reason for this is simple: 
Metal pullsin EMP and makes it more dangerous. Thus, less metal 
is good.Further, keep these appliances away from metal.
2.Harden your equipment (another way of saying, protect it from EMP). 
Some considerations include the use of tree formation circuits 
(notstandard loop formations), induction shielding around components, 
self-contained battery packs, loop antennas, and Zener diodes. Inaddition, 
grounding wires for each separate instrument into a systemcould help 
as well.
3.A new device called the Ovonic Threshold Device (Energy Conversion 
Devices of Troy, MI) is a solid state switch that opens a path toground 
when a massive surge of EMP is encountered by a circuit. Thiswould 
help in a big way.
4.Use a Faraday Box to store equipment in. Makeshift Faraday boxes 
canbe made from metal filing cabinets, ammunition containers, and 
cakeboxes. That said, the device you are protecting must not touch the 
metal container (use insulation: paper, cardboard, whatever).Further, 
there can be no holes. Last, if the box seems less thanadequate, you 
may wrap it in aluminum foil for more protection.
5.Cars are already a metal box. Thus, some of them would survive,though 
it's reported most vehicles on the road since the mid 1960swould likely be 
effected. That said, gas would be a problem. So havea lot of that and food 
on hand (remember that refrigerators and watersanitizing devices would 
go out).
Inthe end, we don't know when or how disaster may strike. What we do 
know is that we need to be ready. And since an EMP attack is a stated 
possibility that could wreak tremendous havoc...
Weneed to be ready for that as well. 



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