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Summaryof article by Victor David Hanson
“Warsoften seem to come out of nowhere, as unlikelyevents ignite long-simmering disputes intoglobal conflagrations.” 
“Theinstigators often are weaker attackers who foolishly 
assume that morepowerful nations wish peace at any cost, 
and so will not react toopportunistic aggression. 
“...late-summer calm of 2016 has masked a lot of festering 
tensions thatare now coming to a head — largely due to 
disengagement by asupposedly tired United States. 
Incontrast, war, unlike individual states, does not sleep. Russia 
hasbeen massing troops on its border with Ukraine. Russian 
presidentVladimir Putin apparently believes that Europe is 
in utter disarrayand assumes that President Obama remains 
most interested inapologizing to foreigners for the past evils 
of the United States.Putin is wagering that no tired Western 
power could or would stop hisreabsorption of Ukraine — or 
the Baltic states next. Who in hipAmsterdam cares what 
happens to faraway Kiev? 
“Iranswapped American hostages for cash. An Iranian missile 
narrowlymissed a U.S. aircraft carrier not long ago. Iranians 
hijacked anAmerican boat and buzzed our warships in the 
Persian Gulf. There arefrequent promises from Tehran to 
destroy either Israel, America, orboth. 
“ NorthKorea is more than just delusional. Recent nuclear tests 
and missilelaunches toward Japan suggest that North Korean 
strongman Kim Jong-unactually believes that he could win a war. 
“RadicalIslamists likewise seem emboldened to try more attacks on 
the premisethat Western nations will hardly respond with overwhelming 
power. Thepast weekend brought pipe bombings in Manhattan and 
New Jersey aswell as a mass stabbing in a Minnesota mall — and 
Americanfrustration. Europe and the United States have been bewildered 
byhuge numbers of largely young male migrants from the war-torn Middle 
East. Political correctness has paralyzed Western leaders from even 
articulating the threat, much less replying to it. 
“Humannature is unchanging and remains irrational. Evil is eternal. 
Unfortunately, appeasement is often seen by thugs not as magnanimityto 
be reciprocated but as timidity to be exploited. 
“Obamaapparently assumes he can leave office as a peacemaker before 
hisappeased chickens come home to roost in violent fashion. He has 
assured us that the world has never been calmer and quieter. Otherssaid 
the same thing in the last calm summer weeks of 1914 and 1939.War clouds 
are gathering. A hard rain is soon going to fall. —Victor Davis Hanson 


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