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 Understanding the big picture in the Clinton email sagafrom John
The Hidden Smoking Gun: the Combetta Cover-Up
Timeline research makes sense of the confusing story 

of how Clinton’s emails got deleted, and the ensuing cover-up.
written by Paul Thompson, with illustrative work by Katie Weddington Table of Contents   
   - Clinton’s emails get sorted
   - Why was the sorting effort so flawed?
   - The deletions begin
   - Combetta deletes everything that is left
   - Investigations and cover-ups
   - Attorney-client privilege?!
   - Combetta’s Reddit posts
   - Who knows about the deletions, and how?
   - The Datto cloud mystery
   - What did Clinton and her aides know about the deletions?
   - “Shady shit” and “Hillary’s cover-up operation”
   - The FBI speaks up, only raising more questions
   - Congressional investigators fight back
   - An FBI cover-up?
   - Taking the fall and running out the clock

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