[Swiftwater Gazette] Soros and migrants and terrorist and refugees

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Wed Sep 21 07:31:42 EDT 2016

“Sorosinvests $500 million for refugees Tuesday,20 Sep 2016 
Howdo you distinguish refugees from migrants and terrorist?
“Billionaireinvestor George Soros pledged on Tuesday to invest up 
to $500 millionin programs and companies benefiting migrants and 
refugees fleeinglife-threatening situations.
“Sorosexplained that he wished to harness the power of the private 
sectorfor public good.
"Wewill invest in startups, established companies, social impactinitiatives, 
and businesses started by migrants and refugees. Theseinvestments are 
intended to be successful. But our primary focus isto create products 
and services that truly benefit migrants and hostcommunities," the 
86-year-old said in an official statement. 
“Theincreasing number of asylum seekers from those war-torn nations 
hassparked political debate in Europe and the U.S. over where the 
refugees should be resettled. The issue has been clouded by economic 
migration, with large numbers of people reportedly seeking entranceto 
developed nations in the hope of better prospects as global growthslows.

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