[Swiftwater Gazette] More on Understanding Putin 9-21-2016

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Understanding Putin 9-21-2016
Putinwants his adversaries to believe he is a leader who 
cannot bedeterred from his destiny.
Indestroying the humanitarian convoy, Putin has simply 
reinforced hislongstanding message to the West. 
 Thiswas pure Putin: deliberate and brutal application of 
force in theservice of a long-term strategy. 
Russiais employing its familiar disinformation strategy to 
denyresponsibility. These denials will cool or distract some 
of theinternational public anger against him. 
Putinalso predicts that two developments will now follow. 
First, the U.S.won’t provide evidence of Russian culpability. 
Second, the U.S.will continue dancing Russia’s diplomatic 
waltz by redeploying JohnKerry into another round of 
pointless negotiations. 


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