[Swiftwater Gazette] Russia 'to revive the KGB'

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Tue Sep 20 06:30:44 EDT 2016

Russia'to revive the KGB' 
Russiaplans effectively to revive the KGB under a massive shake-up of itssecurity forces, a respected business daily has reported.
AState Security Ministry, or MGB, would be created from the currentFederal Security Service (FSB) , and would incorporate the foreignintelligence service (SVR) and the state guard service (FSO).
Itwould be handed all-encompassing powers once possessed by the KGB andoversee the prosecutions of Kremlin critics, a task currentlyundertaken by the Investigative Committee, headed by AlexanderBastrykin, a former university classmate of President KGB Col. Putin.
Beforebecoming prime minister, and has often quipped that there is no suchthing as a former KGB officer.
“It’stime to get out [of the country],” wrote Elshad Babaev, a Twitteruser. “Anyone who can should take the opportunity.”The KGB wasjust one of the many incarnations of the Soviet Union’s fearedsecret police service, which was founded in 1917 as the Cheka.

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