[Swiftwater Gazette] Black Swan Event

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Sat Sep 17 06:45:53 EDT 2016

Areyou “contemplating the biggest black swan eventin American electoral history.”
"Fifteenmonths ago, Donald Trump was a reality-TVstar with a spotty business record and a penchantfor proclaiming he was on the verge ofrunning for president.
"Trumphas no experience in elected office, andunlike past nonpoliticians elected president, hasn’twon a major war. He barely has a nationalcampaign. He perhaps knows less aboutpublic affairs than the average congressman. Heis trampling on basic political norms. Nomajor political party has ever nominated anyonelike this. 
"Trumpnow has a legitimate shot at winning thegeneral because he got the lucky draw ofat least the second-worst presidential nomineein recent memory.
 "ATrump victory may not be likely, but it isn’t far-fetched.And, no, stranger things haven’t happened
Insidersare calling this a Black Swan Event ...

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