[Swiftwater Gazette] Does this sound like IRS scandal

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Thu Sep 15 13:20:56 EDT 2016

TheDirty Attorney General Going After Trump“TheAttorney General is doing everything possible to make sure HillaryClinton is elected our next President.”September15, 2016 by Daniel Greenfield 
TheClinton Foundation is a national and international scandal. It’sunder investigation by the FBI, but not by the Attorney General ofNew York, who is instead targeting the Trump Foundation. 
 TheObserver reported on allegations that Schneiderman had used the powerof his office to browbeat donors. While most of those targeted by theAttorney General prefer to remain anonymous, one man did go publicwith claims that Schneiderman hit him up for donations whileinvestigating him.
TheTrump complaint states that, "Throughout the entireinvestigation-- up until a few months before the OAG brought suitagainst TEI, Mr. Trump and Trump Org. - Mr. Schneiderman, personally,and senior members of his campaign fundraising team, actively andaggressively targeted the Trump Parties for campaign contributionsand other special favors."
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