[Swiftwater Gazette] Is Deference Really Safer than Deterrence

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IsDeference Really Safer than Deterrence?
Putinis close to establishing the “blunt” reality that the territory 
of the former Soviet Empire belongs to Moscow, either to annex 
outright or to control by compliant dictators. For sport, his air 
forces buzz ours, and do in the air what the Iranians do at sea.
ByVictor Davis Hanson September 13, 2016 Bewareinternational affairs the next five months, a dangerous period 
forAmerica. Deterrence is a nation’s ability to discourage aggressors 
by instilling in them a credible fear of punishment far greater thanany 
perceived gain that could be achieved by an attack.
Deterrenceis quite different from deference, which is a courteous accommodation 
to the will of another, often one deemed superior. Deterrence isultimately 
enhanced by the possession of overwhelming military force,but it is unfortunately 
not thereby ensured. France, the LowCountries, and the British expeditionary 
force had a combined largerarmy, more tanks and comparable air forces, when 
Germany neverthelessattacked in surprise fashion and destroyed them in six 
weeks in Mayand June 1940. What the Allies lacked were not the guns and 
soldiersbut the credibility that they would use them with dispatch, skill,and 

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