[Swiftwater Gazette] covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Mon Sep 5 17:36:18 EDT 2016


U.S. investigatingpotential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections “U.S. intelligenceand law enforcement agencies are probing what they see as a broad covertRussian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcomingpresidential election and in U.S. political institutions…” https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/intelligence-community-investigating-covert-russian-influence-operations-in-the-united-states/2016/09/04/aec27fa0-7156-11e6-8533-6b0b0ded0253_story.html “The Kremlin’sintent may not be to sway the election in one direction or another, officialssaid, but to cause chaos and provide propaganda fodder to attack U.S.democracy-building policies around the world, particularly in the countries ofthe former Soviet Union.”

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