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Sat Oct 29 18:43:54 EDT 2016

 excerptfrom Sultan of Knishhttp://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2016/10/its-mad-mad-war.html

TheWest and Russia are reliant on Muslim demographics to power falteringempires whose ideological ends stand in sharp contrast to theirIslamic means. Putin claims to want to protect Christendom with anarmy that is increasingly Muslim. The EU asserts that it is defendingsecular democracy, but it’s betting its future on a citizenry whoseIslamic religion mandates theocratic Sharia jurisprudence. 
AMuslim citizenry will not maintain secular democracy. A Muslim armywill not protect Christians. The West used to be dependent on Muslimoil. It has since become addicted to the much more dangerous supplyof Muslim demographics. Societies with low birth rates are relying onMuslims to make up the gap in manpower and maintain nations that arenot expanding or even replacing their own numbers. 
Oildependency was dangerous. Demographic dependency is lethal. 
Russiaand the West can make jets that casually break the sound barrier.What they aren’t doing is making people. European welfare statesand Russian expansionism are built on Muslim populations. 
Asimperial strategies go, that’s a suicide pact. 

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