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More on Soros and voting control
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A PPP is often defined as “a contractbetween a public sector authority and a private party, in which theprivate party provides a public service or project and assumessubstantial financial, technical and operational risk in theproject.” As part of this scheme, a private company is givencontrol over some public function typically provided by government.It is a tactic very much in vogue in internationalist circles and isconsidered an effective way to sneak the influence and the control ofthe UN in the back door.
Regardless of the rhetoric, the truepurpose of PPPs is to consolidate government and privatecorporations, giving them joint control over public entities. Theresult is the elimination of local sovereignty and the insidiousreplacement of county election commissions with a board of directorsof a company whose mission statement calls for the creation of anexecutive governing body that is neither fish nor fowl, but isobliged to enforce international treaties and regulations written bythe apparatchiks at the UN.
As envisioned by the UN and theinternationalists in the U.S. government, PPPs will slyly seizecontrol of elections, transferring authority for this vitalexpression of republican government from local and state boards topseudo-private agencies made up of a mish-mash of federal agents andbureaucratic overseers adhering to global government regulations.
Scytl purchased the software divisionof Gov2U, described as a non-profit organization dedicated todeveloping and promoting the use of technology in the fields ofgovernance and democracy.
Gov4U, meanwhile, has eight partners ofits own listed on its website, including the Soros-funded andpartnered National Democratic Institute, or NDI.
Aside from receiving financial supportfor Soros, NDI has co-hosted scores of events along with Soros’Open Society. The two groups work closely together.
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