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http://moneymorning.com/2016/10/19/george-soros-backed-company-to-supply-voting-machines-in-16-states/GeorgeSoros-Backed Company to Supply Voting Machines in 16 StatesByMoney Morning Staff Reports, Money Morning • October 19, 2016
Liberalactivist billionaire George Soros has deep ties to a companyresponsible for supplying the United States with voting machines forthe 2016 presidential election…
SmartmaticGroup, a UK-based electronic voting corporation, will be providingits voting machine technology to the Electoral Commissions of 307counties in 16 states on Nov. 8 — including five swing states.
GeorgeSoros sits on Smartmatic's Board of Trustees. And the chairman ofSmartmatic's board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, was once the vicechairman of Soros' Investment Funds.
Thereis an obvious conflict of interest with Soros' affiliation. Thehedge fund billionaire has donated upwards of $9.2 million toDemocratic super PACs and to Democratic presidential candidateHillary Clinton during this election cycle. [Editor's Note:We've long covered Soros' attempts to influence the U.S. election —like the time he sprinkled Dem think tanks nationwide with a whopping$27 million…]
GeorgeSoros Voting Machine Will Be in These 16 States
Accordingto Smartmatic's website, they supply voting machines in the followingstates, five of which are swing states:
◾Arizona◾California◾Colorado(swing state)◾Districtof Columbia◾Florida(swing state)◾Illinois◾Louisiana◾Michigan(swing state)◾Missouri◾NewJersey◾Nevada(swing state)◾Oregon◾Pennsylvania◾Virginia◾Washington◾Wisconsin(swing state)
GeorgeSoros' political largesse knows no bounds. He spent on the liberalagenda this election like never before.
Buthe's not the only big-money influencer pulling strings behind thescenes. Far from it…
Havea look at Money Morning's "Auction for America" site, wherewe're keeping an up-to-the-second running total of dark money that'sfunneling its way into the 2016 election…------------------  //  ----------------


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