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Elgin Alexander elginalexander at erols.com
Tue Oct 18 19:27:18 EDT 2016

Not really that far from the truth.  Elgin


 Three Patients Limp In to Three Different Doctors’ With The Same Complaint.


    They All Have Trouble Walking and May Require Hip Surgery.   

     Patient 1.    
    Is Examined Within The Hour, Is X-Rayed The Same Day,
    And Has A Time Booked For Surgery The Following Week.
    The Total Cost For The Operation Is $2400.00 


     Patient 2.
    Goes To The E.R. Is Examined Within The Hour, Is X-Rayed the Same Day and 

    Has A Time Booked For Surgery The Following Week.

    He Gets No Bill For Copay Or Deductible. In Fact Gets No Bill At All.
    Total Cost For This Patient $0.00.

    Patient 3.
    Sees His Family Doctor -After Waiting 3 Weeks For An Appointment,

    then Waits 8 Weeks To See A Specialist.
    Gets An  X-Ray, Which Isn't Reviewed For Another Week,

    And Finally Has His Surgery Scheduled For 6 Months From Then,

    Pending The Review Board's Decision On His Age And Remaining Value To Society. 
    Gets Bill For Deductible Which Is $7,500.00

    And Has A Co-pay Of 20% Which Equals $6,000.00.
    Total Cost For This Citizen $13,500.00.

    Why The Different Treatment For The Three Patients?

        Patient 1.   Is A Golden Retriever Taken To A Veterinarian
        Patient 2.   Is An Illegal Alien.
        Patient 3.   Is On Obamacare.

 Obvious Advice……


If Hillary Clinton Wins The Election, Find A Good Veterinarian!






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