[Swiftwater Gazette] Has the Russian Mole Inside NSA Finally Been Arrested

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  Hasthe Russian Mole Inside NSA Finally Been Arrested?
TheFBI has a yet another defense contractor in custody on espionagecharges—what did he really do?
Sixweeks ago in this column I explained that the National SecurityAgency, our nation’s most secretive spy service, almost certainlyremains penetrated by one or more Russian moles. Not only is EdwardSnowden hardly the super-spy he’s claimed to be, in truth he’s nomore than a patsy whose purpose has been to distract attention fromthe real Russian intelligence penetrations of NSA.
Theidea that the Kremlin has more moles lurking inside NSA madefront-page news in August with the public appearance of Top Secrethacking tools apparently stolen from the Agency. Embarrassingly,those were posted online by the mysterious “Shadow Brokers,”which gave every appearance of being yet another front for Moscow andits spy services. How had it obtained such closely guarded secrets?
Todaywe learned from the Justice Department that, just four days after mycolumn appeared, the FBI executed a search warrant on the residenceof Harold Thomas Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland, which is an NSAbedroom community. The 51-year-old Martin was employed with BoozAllen Hamilton, the very same big-league defense contractor whichemployed Edward Snowden at the time of his fleeing Hawaii andsubsequent defection to Moscow.
InsideMartin’s residence and his car, the FBI found evidence of criminalactivity including possible espionage. The arrest affidavit (whichon security grounds never mentions NSA, though that was Martin’splace of employment) spells out what Bureau agents found: informationthat was classified at the Top Secret/Sensitive CompartmentedInformation level—including six documents of recent vintage from anunnamed government agency which is certainly NSA.
Theevidence that Russian moles are lurking inside NSA remainscompelling. The FBI’s 2010 roll-up of 10 deep-cover operatives ofthe Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR—what the Kremlincalls Illegals—revealed the existence of multiple SVR agents deepinside NSA and the Defense Department. That was six years ago, andnobody’s been publicly fingered as any of those moles.

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