[Swiftwater Gazette] War On Cash

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Thu May 26 05:28:12 EDT 2016

 TheWar On Cash Is A War On Your Freedom To Opt Out 
 “Physicalcash has the potential to evade both taxesas well as officially sanctioned theft via bail-insand negative interest rates. In short, physicalcash is extremely difficult for governments tosteal.
“Whyare governments suddenly so keen to banphysical cash? The answer appears to be thatthe banks and government authorities are anticipatingbail-ins, steeply negative interest ratesand hefty fees on cash, and they want to closeany opening regular depositors might haveto escape these forms of officially sanctioned theft. The escape from bail-ins and fees on cash depositsis physical cash, and hence the sudden flurryof calls to eliminate cash as a relic of a bygoneage—that is, an age when commoners hadsome way to safeguard their money from bail-insand bankers’ control.”


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