[Swiftwater Gazette] Russia's Involvement in a Malaysia Airlines Crash May 13, 2016

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 Russia's Involvement in a Malaysia AirlinesCrashMay 13, 2016 

Satellite imagery obtained by Stratfor sheds newlight on the July 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over easternUkraine. Recent scrutiny of open-source materials, much of it led by aU.K.-based collective investigation project known as Bellingcat, has zeroed inon a Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missile system that was in eastern Ukrainearound the time Flight MH17 was shot down. The Buk system is suspected oforiginating from an anti-aircraft missile brigade based in Russia. In earlyMay, new video footage of unknown origins was released, appearing to place theBuk system in question near separatist-controlled Donetsk on July 17, 2014,just hours before the airliner was shot down.  Building on this new information, AllSourceAnalysis — Stratfor's satellite imagery partner — was able to locate imagesthat confirm the exact time and location of the air defense system on the dayof the crash. The imagery shows the air defense system, mounted atop atransloader, being transported east through the Donetsk town of Makiivka. Theimages were taken approximately five hours before Flight MH17 was shot downfrom a location near the town of Snizhne, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) away.
This aligns with the body of existingcircumstantial evidence tracing the Buk system's route to and from Snizhne.Combined, the evidence appears to show the Buk system moving from the Russianborder toward Donetsk on July 15, 2014, and then moving back to the east on theafternoon of July 17, 2014, just hours before Flight MH17 was shot down. The new imagery obtained by Stratfor does notprove that this particular Buk system fired a missile at the airliner.Nonetheless, it further substantiates the narrative being pieced together bythe collective analysis of open-source information. The mounting evidence showing a separatist- orRussian-controlled air defense system in the area of the crash, combined withthe results of the official investigation conducted on the remnants of thedowned aircraft, make it increasingly difficult for Moscow and the Ukrainianseparatists to blame the incident on Kiev. The implication is unlikely to leadto consequences for the Russian side, but at a minimum, it provides a sternreminder about the dangers of the proliferation of weapons like thesurface-to-air missile in question. Reprinting or republication of this report onwebsites is authorized by prominently displaying the following sentence,including the hyperlink to Stratfor, at the beginning or end of the report. "Examining the Evidence of Russia'sInvolvement in a Malaysia Airlines Crash is republished with permission ofStratfor."Simply copy and paste this code: "<ahref="https://www.stratfor.com/analysis/examining-evidence-russias-involvement-malaysia-airlines-crash">Examiningthe Evidence of Russia's Involvement in a Malaysia Airlines Crash</a> isrepublished with permission of Stratfor."

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