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 Victimsof Communism Day
"Todayis May Day. Since 2007, I have defended the idea of using this dateas an international Victims of Communism Day. I outlined therationale for this proposal (which is not my original idea) in myvery first post on the subject."ByIlya Somin
"Theideology of Vladimir Putin’s regime is authoritarian nationalism,not communism, and its misdeeds are orders of magnitude smaller thanthose of the Soviet Union… Nevertheless, it is significant thatRussia’s current ruler is a former KGB colonel, and a longtimeapologist for communism who has called the fall of the Soviet Union“the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the twentieth century.If a former Gestapo or SS colonel became chancellor of Germany andbegan repressing opposition media, persecuting gays and lesbians,annexing territories that Germany lost in World War II, and callingthe fall of the Third Reich the greatest geopolitical catastrophe ofthe twentieth century, there would be a great outcry even if theex-Gestapo chancellor did not engage in mass murder and repression onthe scale of the Nazis and was generally more cautious and lessaggressive than Hitler." 
Understand that todays National Democrat Party's platform reads like a Soviet Union's five year plan.  There are very little differences!  The American National Democrat Party is modern form of Communism!  Call it Socialism if you must, but understand both are essentially and at their core the same. 


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