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Attention C. Beech:


If you actually want to leave the list, there are two common ways you can unsubscribe from a Mailman mailing list. 

Using the web interface: 

1.	Go to the list information page for the list you want to leave. 


2.	Look for the section marked "LISTNAME subscribers" (usually found near the bottom of the page). 
3.	There should be a button marked "Unsubscribe or Edit Options." Enter your email address in the box beside this button and press the button. 
4.	You should be brought to a new page which has an "Unsubscribe" button. Press it to unsubscribe and follow the instructions given. 

Using the email interface: 

1.	Open a mail program which sends mail from the address you want to unsubscribe. 
2.	Send a mail to the list unsubscribe address, which will be of the form SwiftwaterGazette-leave at mailman.theswiftwatergazette.com. The subject and body of this message will be ignored, so it doesn't matter what you put there. 

After following one of these sets of instructions (you don't need to do both!), you will be sent a confirmation mail and must follow the instructions given in that mail to complete the unsubscription. This is to stop people from unsubscribing you without your permission. In addition, a moderator may need to approve your unsubscription. 

If you do not receive this confirmation mail with instructions, make sure that you typed your email address correctly (if you were using the web interface to unsubscribe) and that the address you tried to unsubscribe is, indeed, actually subscribed to that list. For security reasons, Mailman generates the same member options page regardless of whether the address entered is subscribed or not. This means that people cannot use this part of the web interface to find out if someone is subscribed to the list, but it also means that it's hard to tell if you just made a typo. 

Once your unsubscription has been processed, you will probably receive another message confirming your unsubscription from the list, and at that point you should stop receiving messages. 



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I have been asking repeatedly to unsubscribe.  


Please comply with my request.


Thank you,


C. Beech


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Subject: [Swiftwater Gazette] One of Putin’s inner circle has died in D. C.




A former member of Putin’s inner circle has died 

violently and mysteriously in our nation’s capital


By John R. Schindler • 03/16/16 8:30am



“The story has all the makings of a sleek Hollywood spy thriller. 

A defector from the Kremlin, a man close to the top echelons of 

power in Russia. A man who knew too much. And who lived the 

global jet-set lifestyle. Fear, international intrigue and rumors of 

stolen fortunes end in a fashionable hotel—with a brutal death.


And then think of the guy named Foster who worked for Hillary.



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