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   Politicsof the foxhttp://www.jrnyquist.com/lions-and-foxes.html
nomenclaturedefinitions below:
Foxes– they no longer have fixed beliefs or firm principles. They havecunning maneuvers that require suppleness and flexibility. 
Lions- place much more value on traits such as good character and devotionto duty than on sheer wits. They are the defenders of tradition, theguardians of religious dogma, and the protectors of national honor. http://library.flawlesslogic.com/pareto.htm
“...Politics of the fox, plus the politics of Communist subversion, hasbrought America to the crisis of today. The problem of U.S. domesticpolitics has everything to do with Communist strategy and Sovietplanning. 
Itis impossible to understand our present domestic crisis withoutunderstanding the Communist role. Many will wonder why Communismshould be regarded as a threat since the Soviet threat has supposedlydisappeared. After all, the remaining Communists are a small minorityof the population. Why should we worry about them? 
Themisunderstandings here are many, and cannot be dispelled withoutconsiderable effort. It must be understood that Communists arecommitted, organized, and all pervasive in the halls of power.Furthermore, Moscow remains -- along with China -- a chief strategicpartner of the American Communists. 
Wemust not forget Moscow's support for Communist regimes and partiesaround the world. You may argue that Moscow is no longer orientedtoward Communism, but you cannot argue that Moscow is not presentlysupporting the Communists in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Itfollows as the night follows the day that Moscow presently supportsthe Communists here in the United States. 
Readerscan hardly grasp the extent to which the events of the past 25 yearshave been, in so many instances, predicted by Soviet Bloc defectorson the basis of knowledge they had regarding Soviet strategic plans.Anyone with knowledge of such plans from the 1960s, 70s and 80s wasbound to produce remarkably prescient snapshots of the future -- afuture which is now our past. And this is exactly what we find in thedefector literature. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union has beenmentioned as part of the Soviet long-range strategy. 
In1967 Gen. Jan Sejna, then chief of staff to CommunistCzechoslovakia's Minister of Defense, was told of the Sovietlong-range Strategic Plan. He wrote about it in a book titled Wewill Bury You, which I quoted in last week'sinstallment. The Soviet Plan was comprehensive and involved all theimportant countries of the world. Sejna was told, for example, thatYugoslavia would be "broken up along ethnic lines" afterTito's death (which is exactly what happened). He was also told thatthe U.S. economy would somehow be "disrupted" by the SovietUnion. Soviet strategist Konstantin Katushev briefed the Czechleaders on the plan, saying that America was politically volatile."It can move to either extreme." Katushev continued withthe following clarifying remark. 
Aswe've seen in the McCarthy period and the Vietnam War. If we canimpose on the U.S.A. the external restraints proposed in our Plan,and seriously disrupt the American economy, the working and lowermiddle classes will suffer the consequences and they will turn on thesociety that has failed them. They will be ready for revolution.
Thismust be understood: The goal of the Communist isrevolution, and his method is economic disruption.Again, I should ask readers to listen to my interview with KevinFreeman if they think the crash of 2008 could not have been caused bya foreign power. 
Seealso Freeman's book, Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism BroughtDown the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again. The Russianshave long since studied the weaknesses of the U.S. economic andsocial systems. It is absurd to think that such a system, so ready ofaccess, could not be disrupted by a creative enemy. 
TheRussians also realized, back in the 1960s, that the United Statesmight turn to the far right instead of to the left. With thatpossibilty in mind the Russians have infiltrated various American farright movements and organizations, going so far as sponsoring a kindof right wing Marxism. 
Ifyou hear about Alex Jones or other pundits of a like-mind gettingfunding through Soviet-allied sources (like Lyndon Larouche) then youshould be on your guard. In fact, Cliff Kincaid has already discussedthis connection with the host of Cross-Talk. 
Themost likely scenario is, of course, a left wing takeover through theDemocratic Party. This is the political party which the Communistssought to infiltrate and capture many decades ago. The extent oftheir success cannot be exactly measured. But there is plenty ofreason to worry. 
Weare only now asking ourselves what would happen if the Democrats turnout to be Bolsheviks who have crafted a way of using minoritypolitics and illegal voting practices to build a one party state. Inthat event, a revolutionary situation might well be in the making;for if the middle class cannot find adequate representation for theredress of grievances, there is bound to be an internal upheaval. 
Ifthe Communists successfully disarm the United States in advance, andif Russian and/or Chinese missiles and troops can be used to"support" today's "transitional liberal andprogressive government" in an attempt to sweep aside the U.S.Constitution in favor of a Soviet type of system, then we have cometo the true end of the Final Phase of the long-range strategy withoutthe least occasion for an all-out nuclear war. 
Theproblem remains, of course, that millions of people within the UnitedStates would not accept this situation. 
Someobservers say that the Americans are finished and no longer capableof functioning as free citizens. Others believe a revolution mostcertainly will occur when the middle class "wakes up." In1967 the Soviet strategists believed that America was "avolatile society." They currently suppose that civil war couldbreak out in the United States. 
Thetrigger for civil war, of course, is economic collapse. We see, ofcourse, the high levels of indebtedness. We see that the financialsituation cannot continue to move along the same lines as today. Theintelligent observer knows that something has to give way.Fundamental change is coming, one way or another. 
Butas we have seen, the management of the system has fallen to foxesinstead of lions; and foxes do not think very far ahead. Theymanipulate from month to month, holding thefinancial system together through a series of artful frauds. 
Thisbrings us to the analysis of Ann Barnhardt, who in every respectpresents the face of the outcast lion. She gives voice to everythingthat is out of fashion, yet obviously true. What she says isimpossible, and what she proposes is outlandish in the eyes of allfoxes. Yet there has never been another way out of our situation thanthat which is stated by the lion. 


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