[Swiftwater Gazette] 1933 in Chicago revisted on Friday March 11 2016

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 Chicago1933 repeated in March 2016
Thegarbage we witnessed in not allowing Trump hisrally in Chicago on Friday, March 11, 2016 is reminiscentto Chicago 1933.
InEurope and especially Ukraine, the Soviets, aka Communists,starved the population into submission. Ukrainianscalled this the Holodomor and in current historyit referred to as great famine. 
December12, 1933, American Communists attack a Ukrainianprotest against Holodomor in Chicago.TheHolodomor was a Communists tool for the famine-genocidein Ukraine. 
Fordetails see:http://romaninukraine.com/december-12-1933-american-communists-attack-a-ukrainian-protest-against-holodomor-in-chicago/
http://ukr-vintage.livejournal.com/63022.html[in Ukrainian]
“Sovietpropaganda continues to shape the beliefs of Russiansabout the Russian and Soviet past and continuesto infect public consciousness in the West. TheKremlin’s ongoing denial that Ukrainians were subjectto a genocidal famine in 1932-33 under Stalin isa clear example.”
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Moveforward to friday's Trump rally and see analogy fr0mNovember 11, 2015. Believewhat you want, but grasp the facts.
CHICAGO— A tiny faction of old, white communist agitatorsled and helped organize Wednesday night’s protestin Chicago in response to the release of a dashcamvideo showing a white police officer fatally shoot17-year-old black teenager Laquan McDonald 16times.
Theagitators belonged to the Revolutionary Communist Party,a far-left Maoist outfit which advocates violent revolution.


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