[Swiftwater Gazette] Secret meeting of those opposed to Donald Trump

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Toptech CEOs reportedly join Republicans for secret 

meetingon Sea Island Georghttp://sportshoop.la/threads/secret-meeting-held-in-sea-island-georgia.204652/andhttps://news.bridgeward.com/top-tech-ceos-reportedly-join-republicans-for-secret-meeting-on-private-island/andhttp://www.theverge.com/2016/3/8/11177154/apple-google-tesla-ceos-join-republicans-secret-meeting
Ifyou're gonna have a secret meeting, an Island offGeorgia is a good place to start. Seeing though thatthe information leaked anyways it was all for naught.If only they used Hillary's email server for communication,no one would have ever found out. Toptech CEOs reportedly join Republicans for secret meetingon private island.Thesecretive annual event, which takes place on Sea Islandoff the coast of Georgia, has traditionally been closedoff to the press, but political commentator Bill Kristolfiled a report from this year’s proceedings, describingmeetings haunted by “the specter of Donald Trump.”Kristolsaid there was “much unhappiness about his emergence,”from attendees, a guest list of top-tier Republicansincluding veteran strategist Karl Rove, Housespeaker Paul Ryan, and Senate majority leaderMitch McConnell.---------------  //  ---------------



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