[Swiftwater Gazette] Clinton would make USA like Venezuela

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Mon Jul 18 05:56:43 EDT 2016



 StiglitzClinton Economic Advisor
ClintonAdviser, Nobel Prize Winning Economist EndorsedVenezuelan Socialism . Joseph Stiglitz, whoreceived the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics, praisedwhat he called “positive policies” of the Chavezadministration.
Venezuelais in a state of complete crisis. The country hasbeen forced to face the horrors of hyperinflation, foodshortages, and devastating depression. In spite ofhaving the world’s largest oil reserves, the country hashad to resort to rationing electricity. 
Ahorrifying article by the New York Times depicts thestate of Venezuelan hospitals, with children dying bythe day due to a lack of medicine and basic supplies. 
Thisis the terrifying reality of socialism.

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