[Swiftwater Gazette] The dead of Nice have no future at all

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 Thedead of Nice have no future at all.
Consider,that according to a 2015 Center for Security Policy poll, 51 percentof American Muslims desire that Islamic Shariah law be made the lawof the land. Moreover, nearly 30 percent say that violence isappropriate against Americans who “insult” Islam or its “prophet”Muhammad.
BothIslam and the Quran, among many other such atrocities, explicitlyrequire worldwide caliphate (global domination and the violentimposition of Islamic Shariah law). It treats women as chattel,stones them to death if they are raped (or not properly attired) and,in even the most “civilized” Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabiaand Iran, executes practitioners of homosexuality as a matter of law.
Thesefacts are not open forserious debate and are available for all to read, hear, see and,tragically, experience. Islam, therefore, is inherently at odds withfreedom, democracy and the United States Constitution.
Whiledevout followers of Muhammad readily admit this reality, the suicidalleft yet remains hellbent, head in the sand, on “tolerating”itself, and the rest of us, to death.

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