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Below is a comment (echoing much of what I have been discussing with him)
that my nephew posted on the New York Times website today.  Elgin


How is it that the "religion of peace" has been responsible for conflict and
killing literally since its founding? As opposed to every other religion on
Earth, it is the only one founded by a military leader, who advocated taking
human lives in the name of its "god."


God created life. It was His greatest gift to us. It is to be treasured and
protected. To take life is God's province alone. Anyone who kills is a
murderer; anyone who kills in the name of God is a heretic.


(If you don't believe in God, just substitute "nature" for "God" in the
previous paragraph. Same idea: Life is precious.)


The taking of innocent human lives is an affront to God and any rational
thinking person. The reasoning that allows these people to justify their
atrocities are the result of a 1,000-year tradition of killing and


>From the Crusades to terrorism to female genital mutilation, there is
nothing "peaceful" about Islam. It is a religion of psychosis, murder, and


Don't get me wrong, there are peaceful Muslims. But, that is in spite of the
religion, not because of it.


To win World War II, we killed many civilians and destroyed entire cities.
But, today, if one bystander is hurt, it is called a war crime.


When we are willing to bomb IS without regard to collateral damage, we might
have a chance of defeating them on the ground.


Our war will stop when we've won militarily and stopped the spread of
terror. IS will continue until we're all under their oppressive regime.

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