[Swiftwater Gazette] Lithuanian President - Russia has to be deterred

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Sat Jul 9 07:50:15 EDT 2016


 LithuanianPresident: Russia has to be deterred withmilitary force
Thethreats to the international security haven’t diminished,and that is why, according to Lithuanian PresidentDalia Grybauskaitė, NATO has to move from partialsecurity measures to creating a real military deterrence...
… Weexpect that finally concrete security measures ofcollective defense will be approved in Warsaw, themeasures that will deter Russia from the invasion ofour region. We are talking about real military instruments– weapons and personnel and also coordinationof the operations,” she said.
ThePresident added that she is expecting the decisionto deploy permanent multinational battalions ofthe allied forces in the Baltic countries and Poland,and also further decision on the deployment ofmultinational NATO brigades in Romania and Bulgaria.

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