[Swiftwater Gazette] I don’t Know What The Bulls Are Smoking

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 DavidStockman CNBC Interview: “I don’t Know What The Bulls AreSmokinbyCNBC • February 19, 2016 http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/david-stockman-cnbc-interview-i-dont-know-what-the-bulls-are-smoking/
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Anyonewho believes that the global economy isn’t crashing must bedelirious, according to David Stockman.
Theformer director of the Office of Management and Budget argues that arapidly deteriorating economic environment is going to send stocksand oil prices spiraling even lower than they already have.
“Ithink your traders are smoking something stronger than what I canlegally buy here in Colorado,” Stockman said Thursday on CNBC’s“Futures Now.”
Everywheretrade is drying up, shipping rates are at all-time lows,” he said.“There is a recession that’s going to engulf the entire worldeconomy, including the United States.”

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