[Swiftwater Gazette] Open Disdain for Work Sparks Anger

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Sun Feb 28 16:42:50 EST 2016

  OpenDisdain for Work Sparks Angerhttp://thefederalist.com/2016/02/25/bernie-supporters-hatred-of-work-is-why-trump-supporters-are-so-mad/byMark Hemingway
“... it is precisely this cultural disconnect about the value of workthat explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and thefuture seems so uncertain.
Ifany one issue defines this election, it’s economic stagnation. ManyTrump supporters in the GOP feel left behind by thetwenty-first-century economy. They’re angry about it, because our“follow your bliss” culture doesn’t begin to appreciate coalminers or people who work in brake disc factories, even as itobsessively venerates empty celebrity and people like social mediaexecutives and hedge fund managers who are filthy rich in spite ofthe fact their contributions to society aren’t very tangible. 
Trumpwas not only canny enough to speak to this, but he still remainsarguably the only candidate to forthrightly talk about issues such asimmigration that are feeding this anxiety, ...”
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