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Sat Feb 13 06:55:48 EST 2016

It was posted, "However, it is difficult to argue against Kasich’s track record and his specific plans." Arguing against Kasich is important. His plans are really inside the beltway plans.  Government control of freedom. Kasich is one of few of crowd who I have heard in person.  I went because of track record referenced heretofore.  I left understanding that he is really socialist, lukewarm Marxist in his plans.  His ideas are bureaucratic and have uncalculated weight on free enterprise and economic development.  Understand that only one economic system has made things better for all of mankind.  Specifically that economic system is what is call capitalism.  Wealth is an important term.  By wealth is not meant gold and silver or high style living.  Understand that wealth is result of using resources to create new things.  Wealth is the additional value over the initial ingredients or things used produce that new thing.  Sometimes referred to as sweat equity. Socialism, Marxism never creates new wealth, rather only takes from producer to reallocate or give to others. So we go back to the hard question, who is better able to use that created wealth?  Is it a bureaucrat or the person who created it. Understand my heritage in evaluating this.  When onion farmer has one or two acres of black dirt good for growing 0nions, and he is the who one plows dirt, plants onions, weeds onions and digs up onions, why is bureaucrat entitled to 25 percent of his onions?   Understand insidious resentment of onion farmer and his reluctance to try to plant and grow more.   Understand governments overreaching on humans.  Good men do not want to be slaves.  Slavery kills human incentives but not dreams. Slavery or government control does not result in highest or best allocation of limited resources or wealth.  Rather it results in waste and lower standards of living for all. Ed K    
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