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You need to email Bill Effros from old r22 list who controls Swiftwater.  Ask him to put you on list.  Explain that you used to be on old Rhodes List.
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Hi Ed,  Trump comes off as incredibly arrogant (I’m guessing probably because his is).  My biggest fear is that if he wins the nomination, he will be unelectable in the general election.  He will turn off too many independents who will swing over to the Democrat’s candidate.  The last thing I want to see is four or more years of a Democrat in the oval office.  I think the most important thing we can do in the primary is select the candidate with the best chance of winning the general election even if it might not be our first choice among the Republican candidates.  I’ve liked Rubio since before any of this even got started.  Listen to the man speak.  He just makes good sense.  Kasich wouldn’t be bad either.  Cruz is too far right.  While we all may like that – again, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance in the general election.  Paul
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