[Swiftwater Gazette] The Donald and who is adult

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Fri Feb 12 06:19:28 EST 2016

Was Vince Lombardi the most adult in room?
Was George Patton the most adult in room?
Sometimes winning takes drive, and leadership of guiding others to do the winning.
Having worked with many very smart or intelligent people, years ago I concluded the smartest guys were good neurosurgeons.  Not only were they very skilled in their craft but those that were recognized as good were just a level beyond others, including me.
They were skilled, extremely knowledgeable, and knew how to get the job done correctly and get others to get the job done right.
I uniquely had the opportunity to be on such a doctor's team.  After working with him a very short time I understood what  anesthesiologists thought about him. 
Anesthesiologist are in unique position to observe all that goes on in hospital operating rooms and are qualified to judge the best. 
Good neurosurgeons were rated the highest.  That includes skills to do their jobs and skills to get others to perform at highest levels. 
Guess who I am referring to?
Ed K 

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