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While at this time I think Trump is a top tier candidate, he was and is not my first choice.
However, I sort of understand him and his methods.  He does not scare me, rather I appreciate some of his comments and tactics.
His comments on holding up Islamic immigrants is really a reasonable approach to the problem. The press and main stream media said it was illegal.  It is not and Congress enacted a law for Truman to specifically allow the President to take such an action.
Appreciate he is a businessman not beholden to the PC - politically correct crowd.
Consider the negative comments are coming from several sources.  Mostly those entrenched in power who might loose their influence if he were elected. Those comments or attacks are often not true, rather outright distortions that is lies.
Here are some comments collected from a discussion on the Donald from a discussion oriented web site:
Giving the Donald his due page 2DemocracyRules > RMThoughtshttp://nationalinterest.org/feature/giving-the-donald-hisdue-15172Trump is the way he is because he knows how to market.
He’s a little bit P.T.Barnum, a little bit Andrew Breitbart,

and a little bit Sun Tzu. Right now, he’s clearing the field
and setting the stage by controlling the narrative and thebattle space to his advantage. Loud/crazy sells and createsrecognition, which translates into votes. Anyone who
exposes the Emperor’s naked butt is cheered as a hero and
goes home with the prom queen, or the election in this case.His experience getting exactly what he wants frompoliticians of all stripes will stand him and us in good steadgoing forward.With the rise of Trump, this election has taken on a meta
dimension that it otherwise wouldn’t have had. Partisan
stakeholders always attempt to cast every Presidentialelection as a crossroads, perhaps the starkest in history, butin truth we only really have a choice between ElitistGlobalist Neoliberal A and Elitist Globalist Neoliberal B.Trump represents something truly unique in recentelections. He offers a real choice between the elitist postnationalconsensus embraced by the Establishment of bothparties, and a patriotic economic nationalism that trulychallenges this elite consensus.So yes, Trump is a conservative in the sense that reallymatters. He wants to conserve and restore the nation stateof America and not stand by as it turns into just anotherpost-national administrative unit ruled by a globalist powereliteGreat points. A marketing expert would recognize Trumps'strategy from the first minute: Market Positioning. WithPositioning, the product should be aimed at an emptymarket niche, where demand is high, and supply is low

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