[Swiftwater Gazette] The Emperor has no clothes

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FairyTales Told for Children 
Asrewritten by Monty Pelerinhttp://www.economicnoise.com/2016/01/26/empire-no-clothes/
Whilecitizen's interest was goal of governments, todaythey are in disrepair and disrepute everywhere. Manyofficeholders pursue their own self-interest. Politicianshave become inferior in morality and lessdedicated to public interest than the typical citizen.
'Thediscomfort and turn against government occurs notbecause any of its behavior is new. Government hasalways been dishonest and a scam. What changed overtime is the magnitude of government and its burdenon citizens. The pain of tolerating it has apparentlyreached that threshold where people are nolonger willing to ignore it.'


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