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  LeonidZhabotinsky, weightlifter - obituary
Weightlifterwho inspired a young Arnold Schwarzenegger
Affectionatelynicknamed “The Big Zhabo” by his fans, Zhabotinsky lived up tothe moniker in both bulk and personality. Six foot three andweighing 365lb at his peak, he had a reputation for being demandingand uncouth. Detractors called him “Zhaba”, the Russianfor toad. 
Yethis crudeness masked a determination to win at any cost, and in 1963he proved his ability by setting a new world record for the snatch –lifting 363lb over his head in one continuous motion. 
Zhabotinsky,meanwhile, made a great show of struggling with the weight. Hedropped it on the second attempt, and hugged Vlasov as though tocongratulate him. Then, with a casual wink to his coach, hebroke his own record on the third and final lift, hefting a total of479.5lb. The feat gave him an overall score of 1,262lblifted, against Vlasov’s 1,256.5. “I was choked with tears,”Vlasov recalled. “I flung the silver medal through the window … 
Thatnight I understood that there is a kind of strength that is nothingto do with justice.” 


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