[Swiftwater Gazette] How bureaucrats hide for misdeeds that would jail private citizens

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Howbureaucrats hide for misdeeds that would jail private citizens
 ByRichard W. Rahn - - Monday, February 1, 2016 http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/1/richard-rahn-how-bureaucrats-hide-misdeeds-that-wo/print/
“Amajor reason for the growing distrust of government is the doublestandard whereby government officials and employees often suffer noconsequences from incompetence, misbehavior and even criminalviolations of the law. 
“Inthe common law, there is a general principle that if a person isdamaged by the actions of others through negligence or illegalbehavior, he or she has a right to redress.
“Privatecompanies and their officers and employees are subject to criminalprosecution and civil suits for dissemination of false informationabout their company and products, or for selling unsafe products.
Theactions of government officials and employees are often far moredamaging than those in the private sector, but they are protected by"sovereign immunity" and civil service protections. 
… toooften governments use sovereign immunity or civil service protectionsto shield those in government from the consequences of their ownactions, which have done real harm to others, even for politicalreasons.
Currently,there [are] the example[s] of overwhelming incompetence, negligenceand perhaps worse by local, state and federal officials 
Thedouble standard is most evident in the Obama "Justice"Department. Laws were clearly violated in both the "Fast andFurious" gun scandal and in the Internal Revenue Service'stargeting of conservative groups scandal. Yet no one has beenprosecuted, sent to jail or even fired. 
HillaryClinton purportedly violated at least some laws and regulationsregarding what we now know to be top secret information (as revealedthis past week by the State Department) on her server. “Ifthe FBI and Justice Department give her a pass, as they did withothers in the IRS and "Fast and Furious" cases, it will beapparent to all that officials in these agencies are corrupt to thecore.”


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