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Sat Dec 31 10:51:17 EST 2016

Drainthe swamp

Callingrecent political discourse in the U.S. “lacking in civility,” aWashington bureaucrat is insisting that we stop using the phrase“drain the swamp” to describe change in Washington because,apparently, it is an insult to real swamps everywhere.
“...Swamps actually should be regarded as wonderful and valuable parts of nature rather than objects of derision and hatred.”
Theecologist, “went on to describe the good things real wetlands dofor the ecology and detailed the damage done by past efforts toactually drain real swamps.
“Itis clear, then, that swamps do not deserve their reputation asuseless ecosystems, nor do they deserve to be co-opted as a lazy,inept political metaphor,” 
“Thenext time you hear a politician or pundit talk about ‘draining theswamp,’ remember that swamps can be sources of resource abundanceand protection from natural disasters, which are exactly some of thefunctions a responsible governments.

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