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Whyswimming in the sea is good for you

Ifyou live near the sea, make frequent trips to the beach, or areplanning an island holiday this summer, chances are you're gettingmore out of it than just enjoyment. It has long been thought seafrolicking has many health benefits.
Usingseawater for medical purposes even has a name: thalassotherapy.
Becauseit is rich in other mineral salts such as sodium and iodine, oceanwater can be considered an antiseptic, meaning it may havewound-healing properties.
Hydrotherapyhas been extensively used in rehabilitation and health benefits of swimming in cooler ocean water.
Cold-waterswimming activates temperature receptors under the skin that release hormones such as endorphins, adrenalin and cortisol. These havetherapeutic benefits for musculoskeletal conditions - such asfibromyalgia, which is a condition with chronic pain and tendernessall over the body - and skin discomfort.
Recurrentcold water exposure may also lead to enhanced function of theparasympathetic nervous system, which helps with organ function. Thishas been linked to an increase in the release of dopamine andserotonin.

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