[Swiftwater Gazette] Using cell phones to kill you

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Mon Dec 26 06:34:00 EST 2016

Usingcell phone or androids to wage war.

Thisis cyber-enabled hybrid warfare. Simple, but effective.

Likethe Podesta and DNC hacks, the attack on Ukraine’s artillery 
personnel wasn’t especially sophisticated. Tricking Ukrainianofficers into downloading the wrong app didn’t take some great featof technical engineering to pull off. But like the DNC and Podestahacks, it was a feat of social engineering: exploiting a desire forconvenience to achieve a strategic goal.
TheDemocrats’ emails weren’t stolen so that Russia’s intelligence agencies could read them secretly in their heavily guardedheadquarters; they were published to affect election media coverageand drive an outcome. In the hack of Ukrainian officers, the stolenlocation data was fed into a different domain as well: It was passedto the Russian military so that they could target and engageUkrainian artillery positions.
Forthe Democrats, the consequence of being socially engineered was having to watch an election campaign derailed by wall-to-wallcoverage of their private emails.
Forofficers in Ukraine, the consequences of their mistake were morefinal.
So the USA is not at war today?  Computers can analyze current data and store.  In future it can recall most likely locations and boom.
Understand the issue...
And think of Jhadist targeting Americans?


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