[Swiftwater Gazette] Political correctness, Islamism, and threat to USA

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California and cultural Marxism today.
Californiacontends that the state’s tax dollars subsidize the rest of Americaand that red-state politics marginalize California’s moreprogressive values. 
Itis important to understand what progressive politics are. Progressivism is a currently used term that ebodies Marxism. 
“Mostpeople when they think of Marxism, think of the Soviet Union and itsabject failure... most people feel that Marxism is not a threat…even the Communist Chinese have embraces Capitalism, of a sorts.
“Marxismis not only still a threat, but is on the verge of (if it has alreadynot achieved) overthrowing the West. It is not the classical Marxismthat focused on economic aspects, but cultural Marxism,which focuses on change by cultural and social upheaval.
“... modern-day proponents of Cultural Marxism are agents oftyranny who seek to overthrow society and erect their utopianvisions in it place.
Progressivismis nothing more that cultural Marxism. It seeks to destroy USA asfounded.  Understandthat Obama has stated he is Progressive.
 AndrewBreitbart put it succinctly when he wrote:
“Marcuse’s [Marcuse was a Marxist philospher] mission was to dismantle American society by using diversity and‘multiculturalism’ as crowbars with which to pry the structureapart, piece by piece. He wanted to set blacks in opposition towhites, set all ‘victim groups’ in opposition to the society atlarge. Marcuse’s theory of victim groups as the new proletariat, combined with Horkheimer’s critical theory, found an outlet inacademia, where it became the basis for the post-structuralmovement–Gender Studies, LGBT/’Queer’ Studies, African-AmericanStudies, Chicano Studies, etc. All of these ‘Blank Studies’brazenly describe their mission as tearing down traditional Judeo-Christian values and the accepted traditions of Westernculture, and placing in their stead a moral relativism that equatesall cultures and all philosophies–except for Western civilization, culture, and philosophy, which are ‘exploitative’ and ‘bad.'”
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