[Swiftwater Gazette] Putin’s Way of War

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Sat Dec 24 14:57:11 EST 2016

 InAmerica and Ukraine, Russian intelligence used
thesame fundamental weapon: Our human weakness.ByMATT TAIT December 23, 2016http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/12/putins-way-of-war-214550

Thisweek, cybersecurity researchers produced compelling newevidence linking Russia’s GRU military intelligence serviceto the hacks of Democrats during the 2016 campaign.
Thefindings, released in an 11-page report by the firm CrowdStrike, 

showed that the same group of hackers whobroke into the Democratic National Committee andClinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s inbox hadalso backdoored a mobile app used by Ukrainian soldiersto target artillery, with devastating results.

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