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APublic Service. By Thomas Sowellhttp://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2016/12/20/a-public-service-n2261392
Excerptby Robert Hall: Nobodyhas suggested any such thing. Data collectedover many years -- but almost never seeing the light of day in theNew York Times or the rest of the mainstream media -- show manythousands of examples of people defending themselves with a gun eachyear, without having to pull the trigger. 
Ifsomeone comes at you with a knife and you pull out a gun, chances are they will stop. The only time I ever pointed a gun at a human being,it was when someone was sneaking up toward me from behind a shed inthe middle of the night. I never fired a shot. I just pointed the gunat him and told him to stop. He stopped. 
Actuallyhaving to shoot someone is the exception, not the rule. Yet the NewYork Times conjures up a vision of something like the gunfight at theOK Corral.---- // ----

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