[Swiftwater Gazette] Democrat platform and USA 2016

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Sun Aug 28 06:40:34 EDT 2016

Socialismis essentially Marxism. Marxism includes many labels, such asProgressivism, Communism, Fascism, and today's Liberalism.
Readeconomic history and you find a parallel between Marxism 
andfeudalism. Both are totalitarian or in essence dictatorships.
Readthe Democrat platform of 2016 and compare it to the 
Stalinist Era 5year plans of the Soviet Union.  Theideas are 
too similar. 
TheUSA was founded on a different concept. Specifically, it 
was foundedon separation of government powers providing 
checks and balances to government powers. 
Understandthat Hillary is a Marxist. If elected she would continue 
to push forMarxist government.
Whatis wrong with that? 
Lookat history and the results of Marxism under its various labels 
ofSocialism, Communism, Progressivism, etc.
Lookat Venezuela today, life on the line.
Foodshortages force Venezuelans to wait in line for hours each 
day for achance to buy basic necessities. Many still go home 
Thisis still the way in Russia today!
Takea moment and read this article: 
Ifyou vote for Hillary this is what you are voting for.


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