[Swiftwater Gazette] When a bribe isn't a bribe

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 Whena bribe isn't a bribe
Wasit corrupt for Hillary, then secretary of state, to show her 
appreciation by meeting with foundation donors and making some 
phonecalls on their behalf? Not according to theU.S. Supreme Court.
“...two months ago, the court voted 8-0 to throw out the corruption 
conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who had pocketed 
about $175,000 in gifts and loans from a favor-seeking businessowner. It may be "distasteful" that the grateful McDonnellset up meetings 
for the businessman, Chief Justice John Robertswrote, but it wasn't 
Tobe guilty of taking a bribe, the court ruled, an official has to 
explicitly agree to perform an "official act" in exchangefor money — 
that is, make a decision on some pendingmatter in his power. By this 
standard, politicians have to be moronsto be convicted of corruption; 
they have to get caught saying, "I'llget that policy changed, but only 
if you give me money." A smartpolitician knows how to flatter donors 
and connect them with otherpowerful people — to create the perception 
that their money hasbought something of value — without crossing the 
line. Nobody eversaid the Clintons — who've reported more than $100 
million inincome since 2001 — weren't smart.

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