[Swiftwater Gazette] One in three American welfare recipients resides in California

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 Onein three American welfare recipients 
residesin California
“Moreof the same-old, same-old California news
Excessivestate regulations and expanding government, massive illegal 
immigration from impoverished nations, and the rise of unimaginable 
wealth in the tech industry and coastal retirement communitiescreated 
two antithetical Californias.
Oneis an elite, out-of-touch caste along the fashionable Pacific Ocean 
corridor that runs the state and has the money to escape thereal-life 
consequences of its own unworkable agendas.
Theother is a huge underclass in central, rural, and foothill Californiathat cannot flee to the coast and suffers the bulk of the falloutfrom 
Byzantine state regulations, poor schools, and the failure toassimilate recent immigrants from some of the poorest areas in theworld.
Inresponse, state government practices escapism, haggling over 
transgender-restroom and locker-room issues and the aquatic 
environment of a three-inch baitfish rather than dealing with 
asinking state.
Finally,state bureaucrats should remember that even cool Californians 
cannotdrink Facebook, eat Google, drive on Oracle, or live in Apple. 
Thedistant people who make and grow things still matter. 

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