[Swiftwater Gazette] towards a new universalism

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 towardsa new universalism
Abelief in individuals’ capacity for reason is utterly absent 
fromthe new cosmopolitanism. This is clear in the general 
outlook of thenew international bodies, which continually 
promote the idea thatglobal forces and conditions render 
both individual and nationaldecision-making superfluous, 
or at least insufficient. 
Andit is also clear from the media and political elites’ 
response tothe EU referendum. One of their key arguments 
has been thatglobal issues are simply beyond the comprehension, 
never mindthe control, of the average citizen or community, and thereforeexpert and technocratic institutions are required 
to deal with suchmatters. 
‘Ignoramuses’— that’s the general public — don’t have ‘the 
experience todo… due diligence on the highly complex economic 
and social issues[of Europe]’, said Richard Dawkins.
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