[Swiftwater Gazette] Potential for vote fraud by hacking

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Sat Aug 20 18:36:19 EDT 2016

Thoseexperiences confirm my belief that if sophisticated hackers 
want toget into any computer or electronic device, even one that 
is notconnected to the internet, they can do so.
nmost states the data that are used to determine who won an election 
are processed by networked, computerized devices.
Somesystems produce a paper ballot of record, but that paper is kept 
onlyfor a recount; votes are recorded by a machine such as an optical 
scanner and then stored as electronic digits.
Theycannot verify without counting paper ballots (if they exist at all)is that your vote for Candidate A showed up in the electronic device 
tabulating the totals as a vote for Candidate A. The process ofrecording which person got your vote can — almost always — behacked.
Ihave to emphasize that we have noevidence that such hacking has 
ever taken place in the U.S. or thatit is about to occur. What we do 
know is that it could happen. Thereis nothing to stop it from happening 
in many parts of the country,and there is not even an effort to see if 
it is happening.
Itdoes not have to be this way. Congress could create voting security 
standards for the election of its members and of the president.
Ifsomeone makes the charge after this election that the results were 
altered by hackers, our country has almost no way of crediblyrefuting 
that claim. Thus American voters will have no way to know ifthey can 
trust the results of the election, unless it is a landslide,so large that it 
seems unlikely that the winning margin was purelythe result of 
malicious activity.


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