[Swiftwater Gazette] Trump successfully baits media into hysteria

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Wed Aug 10 09:47:58 EDT 2016


“Theanti-Trump media (another name for the mainstream media) have resumed 
their frenzied claims that Donald Trump is out to unleashindescribable horror in 
the American people. The current version ofdoom is that he is calling for NRA assassins 
to kill either HillaryClinton or her Supreme Court nominees, or both. What he actually 
saidwas this:
 “Bythe way if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.Although the 
Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’tknow.” 
“TheClinton spin machine had shaped the media narrative. Trump was notcalling 
for electoral activism (at a rally of electoral activists!).No, he was calling on “Second 
Amendment People” to use their evilguns to kill someone or other.
“Themedia are once again making themselves appear ridiculous, twistingTrump’s 
words and exposing their own disdain for Trump’sfollowers.
“Giventhese conditions, it would make sense for Trump to capitalize on themedia’s inability to be fair, and get them to anger his base toturn out. And also to discredit 
themselves in the eyes ofpersuadables in the general public. 
“Peoplewho despise him are going to write bad things about him anyway, sowhy 
not push them over the edge into revealing more than they intendabout their own 


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